a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


When was my last blog I wonder.  I  think it was a few days ago.  I had intended to go to bed but then thought I had better write.

Today is Tuesday and that means sewing and coffee with Pat. Pat picked me up at 8:50 and we went to Oakridge for coffee and then on to sewing. Lots of ladies showed up this morning. It is Fall now and all are back from holidays so the church fills up.  It is nice when there are many there . I love to listen to all the talk and to see what everyone is working on. As for myself I still have not come up with a project yet but have been thinking of making a quilt for one of the greats. They should keep me busy for some time to come as there are nine of them . Now to think of a pattern to piece.

After we came home Ray and I just stayed home. Usually we go out for a while but not today. I knit on my wash cloths and we watched TV. We are still watching TV, NCIS one of our favourite shows.
Ray is not feeling well today and his knee is hurting him. I hope the day of rest will  invigorate him tomorrow.  However I was happy to spend the afternoon at home.

We did not make dinner tonight just picked something from the fridge. I had a dinner from the freezer and Ray had one of his famous sandwiches. I should have asked him to make me one too.

There it is folks. Not really anything of consequence.

Have a great evening folks.

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