a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, October 3, 2016


Do you ever feel guilty when you have not done anything wrong. Those amorphous feelings of unwarranted guilt come from nowhere that I can figure out. So today I have had this lingering feeling of guilt and I haven't even been out of the house . I have no idea where this comes from but it is definitely uncomfortable. Hopefully it will be gone tomorrow and my conscience will be free of these feelings. Crazy isn't it?

However today was still a good day despite the fact that we never left home for even a minute.  Nothing of consequence occurred either.  Usually guilt for me derives from money.  So foolish but  still it is there. The cause is from nowhere and the feeling is strong. 

We watched TV most of the day and in the afternoon we both sat in our chairs and watched the tube. I do things on my laptop but essentially I wasted my day. Maybe that is where the guilt comes from. So I suffered today. Needlessly.

But Marg , my sister, came over for a visit and brightened up the day. We had a good chat. She goes to church and has stories to tell .

Other than her visit nothing happened. So I will have to make something up LOL....

The phone rang quite a few times but many of the calls were wrong numbers. Richard called, he is very good about calling me and I really appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from him every day. 

Tomorrow should be a busier day.  I do know we will go out for a while. For sure I will go to sewing and coffee with Pat first. I am looking forward to that. When I get home Ray and I will go out for a while, we usually do.

And that is my day. Have a great evening folks.

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