a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Rainy day today , we stayed home all day. It was lovely to just stay home for the day, I really enjoyed goofing off.  And I really goofed off and did nothing. It was good.

My day was spent on the computer except for a bit of napping for a bit. Not long though.....

That was all I did today. Ray was not much better. He did arrange some papers for me to take care of. We were exceptionally lazy.

Tonight ... more of the same.

Because I did nothing I have nothing to say so the blog will be short.  I have to say I enjoyed doing nothing. Once in a while that is good.

We did not even cook dinner just ate something from the fridge. Now I am a bit hungry.  Of course.

And I will knit a bit tonight and get caught up on my cloths to add to the pile.

There is an ad on TV that says the vacancy rate in Vancouver is very low. I am so happy that we have our home here and don't have to worry about the vacancy rate.

I lose track of the days but Ray says today is Tuesday so tomorrow Peter is coming over for a visit. I am looking forward to seeing him.
 And that was my day folks.  Have a great evening.

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