a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, October 7, 2016


Bullying at VSB so they say.  Are we surprised?  Schools are built on bullying  from the top down.  Maybe now it is exposed something will be done about it.  Too bad but power is in the hands of the few and used by them . I am of the opinion that some will be offended by these remarks but this is not necessarily true but is my opinion. True or not.

As for today it has been a misty damp day here in the city. It is a good day to spend in front of the fire warming my toes.   Of course that is a dream not a reality. However we did have a good day in spite of the weather.  We spent most of the day relaxing but the fire was not on LOL.   We did not go out, unusual for us.

Terrible weather in Florida , heavy winds and rains. I hope there is not too much damage from the storm. I think of my son Adam in Louisiana but that is a long way from Florida , thank goodness.

I talked to Jim this afternoon, he is just back from his road trip and had a great time. His is the life!!

I have a pile of books to read. I have not managed to get much reading done lately. If I go to bed to read I just fall asleep almost right away and that is when I do most of my reading. I hope to get going on my books soon. I am not good at reading when the TV is on and it is always on.  However I am fortunate that I have my laptop and can write and investigate.

That seems to be all for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening.

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