a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Dr. Browning at noon. Discovered I have another infection. I keep getting them. Ray says it is because I have a bag . Pain ,pain,pain. And a nuisance. But more pills to take twice a day.

Not painful though just a pain. 

After Dr. we headed out for a bite of lunch at McDonald's for chicken McNuggets. We shared one serving of them. Barbecue sauce. Good .
Then we came home and I had a short nap. Up now and getting ready for dinner which will be something from the freezer. I don't seem to cook much any more. Oh well, that is the way of old age. But I want to cook something for tomorrow. I need to think on it.

It is quite chilly , damp and chilly. Winter is fast approaching and we need to put on the heat pretty soon. Maybe tonight I'll put it on as it will get quite cold I think.

No sewing happening here for some reason, that being I don't feel like sewing. I hope to get going sooner rather than later.  
but first  I need to warm up my hands.

Tonight is watching TV and computering, maybe some reading. Busy night.

Done for today. Have a great evening folks.

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