a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, October 20, 2016

at home

Stay at homes again. We must be getting old or something.  I did talk to our grandson Sam though and that was good. We made a date for Wednesday. I am looking forward to seeing him. He has been in the hospital for minor surgery.I am glad he is okay.
What does one do while staying at home? Well we do nothing other than a bit of laundry and computering. Well Ray does the laundry and I do the computering. Role reversal .

When one does not go out there is little to talk about. 
I see Mr. Trump is talking about accepting the results of an election if he wins. What a guy. If he loses while unacceptable to him  I am getting the idea that he will not accept the results. He is a bit off the wall as far as I am concerned. However I am just an observer and of no consequence. Still it is fascinating. Go Hilary!

So tonight we watch the news right now and other shows later in the evening.

And that is it, a short blog tonight. Have a great evening. 

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