a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Such a quiet day, we stayed in all day. Matthew came over in the morning and did our vacuuming. He has been so good doing that for Ray. He always spends some of the time visiting which makes me happy. Then Peter visited us in the early afternoon and we had a lovely visit with him. Later in the afternoon I had a great phone chat with our grandson Sam.  We hope to get together soon as he is having surgery tonight. 

I did nothing today , really lazy day. I watched TV and did my computer. One of these days I want to sew LOL. I think I'll call Lauren my long arm quilter to do the quilting on Eve's quilt. That would be fine by me. I don't think I will make any more quilts. Well maybe one for our great granddaughter Rose if I can get motivated. It is taking so much effort to get that way now. I am 85 soon and losing a lot of oomph.

Rose is a sweet little girl and I think she would like one of my quilts. I want to embroider the blocks then set them together. Better get that started soon.

Tomorrow we will go out for a bit. We like getting out and about, having coffee and lunch. We used to go to TOPS but that is closed now. I sure miss that restaurant. I used to go there for lunch when I was teaching. 

We are wondering about Hallowe'en . We seldom get any kids here that night but there are two children that sometimes visit across the hall. Every year we wonder about little visitors, so we do buy some candy for them and then have to eat most of it ourselves. It is a sad tale LOL.

Time to go folks. Have  a lovely evening.

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