a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, April 12, 2015


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New  Jersey basket. I have not seen this basket before.

 Yes, I forgot to write my blog last  night. Marg mentioned it this afternoon. I am sorry but sometimes  it slips my mind and the blog goes unwritten.

We had such a busy day yesterday. First the grocery store to stock up on things we need right now. 
Then we went to the casino in New Westminster. It was a good day for me. I played mostly with the casino's money. I like that LOL. Then I won $500 and was able to bring home half of it to add to the envelope where I keep my stash. I love to grow the money in my savings. Lots of times I have a nice bit of cash.  It pleases me greatly. I still have money in my wallet too. Great day!
When we came home we sat and watched TV. And I forgot to do my blog writing. But I am back tonight!!!

Today Sunday we did not do much of anything. We did, however, go to Safeway to pick up Ray's prescription and then to our local pharmacy where there is a Post Office as I had a card that needed to be sent on its way. Busines all taken care of we sat and had a small coffee along with a butter tart from the bakery. It was good.

We came back home and I began dinner.I made perogies. First I cut bacon into small pieces and sliced some white onion into the bacon fat. Next I boiled the perogies and put them into the bacon mix too. All  very tasty. Then I served them with sour cream. Great dinner!

Now I am just relaxing and writing.
Rick called today, he and Catherine are back in Canada, they landed in Quebec. Just a few days and they will be back home. That is good news to me. It has been a long trip for them. I hope the elevator in their building is fixed by now so they won't be stranded.

Sweet little owl quilt , at least I think they are owls. No matter it is a sweet little quilt.

Who could  not love this face. He is adorable. I could pick him up and take him right home!

I found the names, here they are.Fabric Stasher, Needler, Perfect Presser, Chain Piecer.

Time to go folks.  I hope you all have a great evening.

Good Night.

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