a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, April 13, 2015


I have to hurry up and write this blog since I promised myself an eat treat when I finish the blog.  I want something good, not necessarily sweet either.  I prefer something not sweet.

Rick called today, they are on the last leg of their trip. They landed in Ontario and it is not  that far now to Calgary and home again. It has been a long journey. I sure hope the elevator in his building is fixed so he can get back up to his floor. 

I talked to Marg today, it has been a little while since we last talked.  It was nice to speak to her.

I also spoke to Adam either today or yesterday. I love to talk to my family even if I don't have a lot to say. 

I stayed in all day today, did a bit of knitting, mostly on my computer. I need to set rigid hours for computer use as it can take up so much time. Tomorrow  I won't be going to sewing and not again until May5th as Pat will be away and she is the one who drives me to sewing. Thank goodness for Pat, she is so good about taking me to our group.

This should bring a smile to your lips. It did mine!

Grumpy Cat, poor thing it isn't its fault its face falls into this pattern LOL. He makes me laugh too.
What a great cup and saucer. I want it LOL.
Two handles , don't they call it a loving cup?  Sweet!

Such a beauty a Scarlet Macaw,  one of the larger parrots.   See those white things, they are called pin feathers because when there are many and they lay side by side they look like rows of pins. The wax has to come off for the feather to show through. Parrots help each other when there are two of more to chew off the wax. If the parrot lives alone as one of a household the bird's owner will need to remove the wax for the bird.  The parrot enjoys that.  The parrot has a very large beak and needs to chew to keep it from over growing . If you own a parrot he will like a piece of branch to chew on. If captured young or born in captivity a large bird can be tamed easily and they make a loving pet.

So that is it for tonight folks.
   Have a great evening.
                                                    Good night.


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