a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, April 26, 2015

game time

Watching the hockey game which is tied Vancouver 4,  Calgary4, lots of roaring going on. I think the game is at Calgary. We did have a 3 goal lead but all that is gone now. I just hope we can get one more goal and win this game. If not we are out of the playoffs.
Too close to call.

Made by my dear friend Gail who passed away recently. She did so many great quilts. At least they give her beloved husband David some warmth and love.

Here they are Gail and David and their two sons Michael on the left and Thomas on the right. This is a lovely  family portrait.

Oh drat we lost the game, that means it is over for us. I am not happy.

You all know I love turtles, this is so cute , it made me smile right away. Turtles are not known for their familial feelings LOL.

I love this block, not sure what it is called or how to find it.
It is cute though and would make a nice quilt for a child. 

The versatile and ubiquitous nine patch. Normally I find 9 patches rather boring but this one is really nice. I am not bored.

Not a very busy day today. Other than grocery shopping this morning we did nothing of any importance. Another lazy do nothing day. Tomorrow I want to try out a pattern. It has confounded me forever so I hope I can manage to be 
unconfounded !

This plane sits outside the library in Val D'Or Quebec. The ladies of Val D'Or decided it needed a quilt so they made it one.  My stepson sent this to me because he thought it would be of interest. It is. Thank you Jack. This is fabulous.

A Dresden Plate sunburst ,what a lovely piece.

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