a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, April 24, 2015

mug rugs


Beautiful borders and gorgeous quilting.   Now these are Borders!

I did not do the blog last night as I was out with Kathy and forgot when I got home. 
We went to Tom's for cake therapy. There is cake and then there are quilts and Tom shows how to make certain designs. He gives a talk , we then go to the store which is open and if you want you can buy whatever.  I have not bought any quilting things for a long time so I had a good time picking out what I wanted to buy. I bought 3 half meters of three lovely fabrics, a template  for making Hexagons and one for making  Dresden Plate wands. I'll try them out and hope they work well for me. If so I'll let you know. It was a fun evening for me, I have not been to  one of these nights since probably last September. Being sick, in the hospital for a couple of months and just not getting there for the beginning of this year.  So it was great!  

I hope to be able to attend other quilting events. The next one is guild in May. I hope to be able to go to that. It has been several months since I got to go. I am excited about the possibility.
Sweet Peas on this cup and saucer.
It is beautiful. My dad used to grow Sweet Peas every year in his garden.  I remember the lattice he would put up and how the sweet peas used to climb up the strings of the lattice, the little tendrils curling around the strings. My dad loved these wonderful flowers and so did I. They had the loveliest perfume and were so beautiful.

My favourite little quilts the mug rug. This one is so very pretty and like a taste of Spring. It appears that the quilting was done first and the tulips appliqued on top of that.

And here are three little mug rugs,  the picture is redwork and not very clear, but the design of the mug rug is appropriate for the small space. Another good idea for mug rugs.
Time out folks. I need to get dinner ready.

By the way I have had 2 persons say they did not get my blogs so I have tried again to send them to the blog page. Hope you get them. If not let me know at nanb@shaw.ca
Thanks for the help.

Have a great evening.


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