a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, April 19, 2015


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I can't believe I forgot to write my blog yesterday but I did.  It was a lovely day here, the sun shone , it was warm  and we had visitors.

Meaghan, Louis and Charlotte came to visit.  It was delightful. Meaghan is due in 2 months and she is having a little boy. That will be wonderful , a brother for Charlotte. We  had a great visit and Charlotte entertained us royally. She danced  around the room, quite the girl.   Charlotte is a lot of fun. She had on a pretty dress and her new hair cut. She had lopped of her hair with the scissors but it has been arranged and looks pretty.  What a girl. I was so happy that they visited for a few hours.  We are a bit far apart so don't get to see them as much as we would like.
But we certainly enjoyed the visit.

Then I got a nice long letter from Mary, it was good to hear from her and get the update on the family.  Quinn is standing p and walking around holding onto the table. He will soon be on his way if my memory serves me right LOL.After all I had five boys and remember it all well.

After Meaghan and family left we just watched TV for a while. Now we are watching the hockey game Canucks vs Calgary. Score 1 Vancouver 3  for Calgary, Not good for us. But Rick will be happy with Calgary.

Isn't this nice, both pieced and appliqued. Very attractive.

All scraps but looking gorgeous. No pattern though.

All hexagons,  so cute for a little one's bed. Baa,baa, white sheep!

And  I sewed a long seam today on my machine with my hearts quilt top.
And that is all folks. Not much going on here today. I want to go to a quilt shop and find a template for a Dresden Plate. I wonder if Tom's has one.

Have a lovely evening. 
              Good night.


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