a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, April 24, 2015

new version

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This is a different version of the block Churn Dash. I like the way it has a nine patch at its centre. It just makes the block more interesting.

I have been working on my blogs. Some persons say they have not been getting them so I have published again the blogs for this week. My apologies for this mistake but I do not know what happened and hope that the blogs showed up for all of you. Let me know.

Ray and I went out today as we usually do. but as usual we did not do anything very exciting. We just went to pick up a prescription at Safeway. It was for dizziness. I have been experiencing dizzy spells
And this medicine helps to diminish them.  Now nobody call me a Dizzy Dame please LOL.

It was a nice kind of day,  we shopped a bit at London Drugs for bottled water. Then came home and watched TV. Ray did that, but I worked on my computer. I tried to call Rick but he was busy so I'll get him tomorrow.  I tried to call Jim but could not get him either. Tomorrow I'll try the rest of them, Peter, Matthew and Adam.  It is not easy to contact 5 children  LOL.  They are all very busy. And so are we. That makes it hard to connect.

Here is a Dresden Plate flower, so pretty. I think this is a mug rug too but a bit bigger that usual. If not a mug rug it could be a small wall hanging for a small space. 

Ray is working on his boat, he made two of them already, it takes about a year to get one done but it gives him something creative to do. They are gorgeous when finished. I need to take a picture. Later. ;)

I know I wrote about going to Tom's last night  but I want to say again how much I enjoyed my night out with Kathy. It has been a long time.  Thanks Kathy.

Jacob's Ladder,  an old pattern but still elegant. 

And this is all for tonight folks.

Have a great evening.  

Good night.


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