a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Here I go again.  Some nights things are difficult. So I hope I can get the blog done tonight.

I am eating jelly beans while writing this . But they do go quickly so no more jelly beans LOL. There are more on the table but I don't want any more tonight.

I did not go out again today. I am staying in more often lately, don't have any idea why that is happening. Gee do you think I am getting old ?

So I did not do a lot today. For some reason I seem to have misplaced my little heart quilt top. I was planning on working on it today but it was not to be found. I found all the butterfly blocks but don't feel like doing those right now. I need to but up all the sashing and borders for that quilt. That is a bigger job than doing the heart quilt.

It was such a lazy day for me. Ray did get out a bit though to wash his car, go for his pills and buy some bread. All at different malls so it took him a while. I napped while he was out. Told you I was lazy. I spend a lot of time on my laptop.  I need to get sewing tomorrow or at least get out for a while.

We didn't even have dinner tonight just ate snacks.  Now I am hungry, I won't do that again.   From now on it is a meal of some sort. I hope something good.  Right now Ray is making toast for our evening snack. 

This is a way to use up your sample blocks. To me it is very busy , I like more open space to rest my eye. though it is very cleverly done.

This one really made me laugh isn't it a hoot. LOL. Clever cat.

Called Mossy Garden Quilt. I don't find it very attractive  but it does show good use of strips.

My mom and dad had a radio like this in the 40s. It was like our television, we sat in front of it and listened to The Green Hornet and other programmes. The pictures were created in our imaginations. 
These babies are not siblings, they are cousins. However this is a perfect picture of two babies lying together on a pillow. Two little beauties aren't they?

Well now it is time to watch Criminal Minds. I  like this show.
So have a great evening everyone.

Good night.

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