a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Download now as a pdf pattern

Block of the Day .   Broken Path.

Cute but I could not find the pattern but looks like a single crochet throughout and cross stitch on top.

Family of Champions.

Aaron/Rich did the Ironman Championship race today and he finished it too. What a guy, my grandson. Show here with his wife June, daughter Melany, son Adam. Lovely picture.

My day is very confused as I am not sure whether it is Sunday or Monday. Oh well that is what happens when every day is a day off LOL.
Whatever day it is it was great. We spent a lazy day doing not much of anything. Ray worked on his boat model and I just played with my laptop and read a book.  I did make dinner though. It was perogies. I fried some bacon , onions and celery while the perogies boiled in water,  and then drained them ,put them into the bacon etc. And fried them. Served with sour cream. Tasted wonderful. Ray even had some, we each had 6 perogies with the bacon mixture. Great meal.

Now we are just watching TV. Castle this time. Not a bad series.
I am very tired tonight but there is no way I go to bed this early 8:16. That is when the babies go to bed LOL. My Charlotte is probably still up.  What on earth happens when you get old. I would just as soon lie down and read for a bit then go to sleep. But Ray likes me to keep him company in the evening. I will do the best I can.
Tomorrow I want to wash fabric for quilting. Then of course they need to be ironed. I actually like that job. Does that make me weird? No matter I will enjoy myself ironing away. Some folks have weird hobbies LOL.

Aaron ready to go or already finished. In any case he had a fine, fine day participating in the Ironman event.

That is it for me time to have that sleep . 8:30 is that too early? My head and body say go for it.

Have a great evening folks.
Good night.

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Jean said...

Hi Nan,is your friend Gail the one in your quilting group, way back when, that use to repaint the rooms in her house every Spring ? Jean