a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


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Kansas Star. I always think of Kansas as the home of the modern quilt movement. And by modern I mean the new  old quilt movement. If anyone knows what I mean  LOL.

Today we went to the Ostomy clinic for some  more tubing and then as we usually do when we go there we finished off our trip by going for fish and chips for lunch. I had fish and chips and Ray just had fish as he is not supposed to eat potatoes.
After  lunch we went to the bakery for bread and then came home. I had a nice afternoon nap.  Ray made dinner tonight, sausages, potatoes, beet pickles and beans. Very good meal.

Since then I have been doing my computer things.  Writing the blog is my latest endeavour. I don't really have a lot to say tonight but I'll think of something.  We are watching NCIS and later NCIS New Orleans which is my favourite since I love New Orleans. Adam took me there several times for beignet and coffee. I love doing that. Probably won't get that opportunity again but my memories are great. 
While watching the show I look for places I recall from my visits.Life is like that, full of memories.

Rick should be home in Calgary soon after his long road trip. If his elevator is not fixed when he gets home he is coming here to Vancouver and to us for a while. He is always in my prayers.  My other children are too but not quite the urgency as it is with Richard.
Quinn standing up and doing a puzzle. He is such a happy little boy. Mary says he is always happy. How nice for Mary and the family.

That is my tale for tonight . Good night folks.

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