a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, April 24, 2015


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Dancing Shoofly

Same block different views.

More repeats, I believe this block is called the Album Block. See the signatures in the middle of the block.

We had a bit  of an outing today. We had to go to the doctor , she said we are both in good shape. Nice to know. I know I feel good so she just confirmed my feeling.

After the doctor visit we went to Safeway to get prescriptions renewed  and to share an egg sandwich and coffee. Well, I had the coffee, Ray only has two in the morning because of his kidneys. Some days he has three. But his tests were great so he is not doing anything too bad.  Then we just came home and did nothing for the rest of the day until supper time. Except I gave myself a manicure.
I played on my laptop for a while then made hot dogs for dinner with sauerkraut. I should say Ray made the hot dogs, I ate them LOL.
There is a small plane down on highway 91, seems the pilot is okay.   Let us hope that is right.  It looks as if the plane did not hit anything but the highway. Lucky. Major traffic disruption as you may have guessed.

I read some of my book this afternoon. I have a lot of books that need reading right now.  I can't quite keep up, but I am trying.  I will catch up eventually.
I want to make some chili tomorrow so I need to get the meat out of the freezer tonight. And check to see if there are red kidney beans, tomato soup and onions. There that is all I need. 

Every evening around this time I have a big sneezing fit. What is that all about?  Just had tonight's fit. Haha.

This is stunning, I wonder how hard it is to make, looks difficult to me.  The colours are amazing and so vibrant.

That is it folks. Have a great evening.

                             Good night!


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