a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, April 10, 2015


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Ohio Delight

Nice block tonight.

As for today, we went out to Metrotown. I haven't been there for some time.  We shared a hamburger from Burger King , some fries and a drink.  All very tasty. 
While we were eating Aaron, June and the kids were off to Louisiana to go home.   I hope they come back next year, it was a great visit.

We did a bit of walking around the mall for exercise ,stopped for a shared DQ ice cream.  Ray and I always share our food because we have small appetites.

I was tired when we got home and though it was a Pot Luck tonight I did not go out for the evening.  Ray wants me to stay in at night for a while until I am feeling a lot stronger.

Isn't this priceless, they all have names but I need to go looking for them.  Well, I looked and could not find them. If I happen to encounter the names another time  I'll add them then.

This is all I have to say tonight. So good night folks.

Have a great evening.

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