a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

sign in

Signing in for tonight.  Another quiet day, mostly at home but a little time out.
We had lunch at Tim Horton's but it was not as good as usual. I had mushroom soup which was not very tasty and way too thick. But that's life, it can't all be great.

We went to London Drugs and bought some things. Ray got his bag of jelly beans. He always keeps a jar of them on the coffee table. They are pretty as well as tasty.

I usually buy books or magazines, but I have a backlog of books right now and need to read them before I get some more. I did not read for nearly 6 weeks when I was not feeling well . First time that ever happened. 

Watching the hockey game, it is for the cup. We are not winning , Calgary just got a goal.  Lots of cheering going on there.

This is a cake,  isn't it amazing? It is so funny in my estimation.

Ah more beautiful rows of purple lavender. Lavender fields forever.

Another amazing example fo the quilting art. Whoever could do this astonishing kind of work.

This is so gorgeous despite its name Licorice Twist. Obviously referring to the pattern and not the colours.

Great blocks , not enough yet for a quilt but they will make a lovely one when all the blocks are done.

Time is up folks. 
        Have a great evening.

                                            Miss Charlotte reading her book.


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Anonymous said...

where's your blog? I haven't heard from you in a while and hope you are ok.