a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, April 27, 2015


In answer to your question Jean, yes that is the Gail I mean. she passed away at the beginning of the month. I miss her.

This day was spent at home. I had an episode of feeling  ill again but had a short nap and feel fine now. I guess I should explain that when  I say ill I usually mean I have diarrhea. I get that often for some reason. It makes me very tired. 
However I was fine later and able to make dinner for Ray and me.
Ray went out for a few groceries when I was sick. So  I watched TV, read my book and had a nap.

Aren't these fellows amazing?  They are in New Zealand. It amazes me what people can do. They have so much talent.

Twister Heart  made with a little twister template. I really like this one. And I think I have the template somewhere. I'll look around.
It looks like fun.

Wonderful pinwheels. And check out the prairie points. The first quilt I made had prairie points and  I can't remember where it went. To some family member I guess.

I love this Disappearing Four Patch. I wonder where I could find the pattern. And this one has some great colours.  Thanks Kathy for the correction.

And here we have a double pinwheel. It is so attractive and colourful.

More pinwheels, great colourful piece of work.

Quilt show is over. Have a great evening.
                     Good night!


Rose Albert and Quinn having a wonderful time. They are right there in the front of the train.

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