a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, April 16, 2015


A good day today. We had lunch with Bob and Buzz , always a treat. We talked about going for lunch on Monday in Washington state. I would love to go but think Ray is not really interested in going across the line.

After we  separated Ray and I went to The Bay to look for a jacket for Ray but we didn't find what he wanted. Too bad.  We'll need to try again.

Then we walked a bit in the mall for some exercise, it is always good to spend a bit of time walking the mall.  We didn't buy anything though.

We came home and I had a nap. It was good.

That was our day, very simple kind of day. We made dinner, corn on the cob and curried rice for me,  a cabbage roll for Ray.

I enjoyed my day and was happy about it.

Rick called and we had a short chat. He is just a couple of days away from home  but the elevator in his building is still not working and as he is in a wheelchair and cannot walk that makes it very difficult for him. I think he is going to continue on and come here for a while.  That makes me happy. I hope they can manage to get that elevator repaired soon. As per usual there is a part that needs to be located before they can fix the thing.

Jim on the left with a friend.

Download now as a pdf pattern 

   I hope you can get this pattern up because I cannot.

I like this Dear Jane quilt in blue.

And this is it folks. Have a wonderful evening. I plan to :>)

Good night.

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