a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, April 20, 2015


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Flock of Geese
Flock of Geese.     Nice block.

Today we went to Metrotown for a walk and lunch. We each had a hot dog and fries.
After  I napped, sat around, watched TV and ate crackers and cheese.  

That was it.  

I did hear from Kathy to ask if I would be going  to  Tom's Cake Therapy on Thursday evening. I do want to go and Kathy said she would pick  me up. I am really looking forward to the night out.

Watching Bill Maher, he has a very interesting talk show.  Now he is talking about Hilary Clinton. Fascinating. I like this show.

Ever used one of these, a flat iron. My aunt and uncle live on a farm in Alberta with no electricity so she had several of these irons which she used on ironing day, Tuesday. They sat on the wood stove to heat them up , they were heating up  to be used. As one of them cooled off it went back onto the stove to heat up and another was removed from the stove to be used.  It took all day to do the ironing. All fabrics had to be ironed as they were all natural fibers.

It was something unusual for me as I came from the city where we had electricity and therefore electric irons. Tuesday though was ironing day too. Monday was wash day. Friday mom cleaned the fridge. She had a chore for each day.

Wonderful hexagons, this is an amazing quilt. It would take a long time to make I think. I wonder what size the hexagons are.

I did that but it did not stick so I am hoping that it will surface later when she has time to spare.

  So true.

And that is all for tonight. I need some more crackers and cheese LOL.
Good evening.

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