a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A day late

Ricky , my grandson, Rick's son visited this morning.

Wow I began  this yesterday and then for some reason quilt writing and went somewhere else.

Back to Ricky's visit, it was lovely. He is so nice and I sure like it when he spontaneously comes for a visit.  He has moved back to Abbotsford in the Fraser Valley so he does not get this way very often, it is a real treat when he drops in. 

Today we had to stay in for the day as Matthew came over at noon and the cleaning lady came at 2:00. She stayed for two hours a=so that made it 4:00 when she was finished. We  had dinner after she left, well actually we went to  TOPS for dinner so we didn't have to cook.  Good move!!!

I did nothing special today, so lazy.  No wonder I never lose any weight.I have been the same weight for years, nothing changes with me. I don't seem to get much older looking either. I guess I was old looking a long time ago. LOL.

The weather has been so gorgeous lately, we have all the windows open even though it is 9:30 PM . It is still quite warm. The weatherman expects it to rain on Friday which is still 2 days away.

I talked to big Rick for a bit this afternoon b ut we had to cut it short since it was dinner time for him. I keep forgetting that  Alberta is an hour ahead of us. Oh well I shall have to think before I act as my dad used to say. My dad was such a wonderful man. I loved him very much, and loved my mom too. She was a great mother. I was a lucky girl.

I am still recovering from the bad bruises I got in the hospital. Mostly it is my hand that is so bruised. I wonder why. That happened while I was unconcious I think because I have no memory of being hurt.  Who would think you could get damaged while in hospital LOL.

Nuff said folks. Have a lovely evening. Good night.

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