a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, April 4, 2016

red hearts

I am working on a quilt for our latest baby in Quebec, a little girl named Eve. The quilt has appliqued hearts in each block. I have reached the borders but need to find the right fabric for the part of the quilt.  Haha I had better hurry before I forget. I haven't worked on it this week so I had better get busy before Eve goes to school.
Tomorrow I will have to go and buy some batting , I don't have enough here for this quilt.

We had to go to see Dr. Browning this morning. Ray had pills to get and I also had to get the pills that will improve my memory. Apparently this pill does a good job. So I am happy about that. We went to the Safeway pharmacy for the pills. I still think I am quite good or how else could I write a blog every night. 

This afternoon we went to the Crossings for a coffee and to look around at Canadian Tire. We didn't buy anything though, it was just a bit of exercise  walking around the store. I like to be up on my feet for a part of the day even if I am a slow walker these days.

I did a bit of knitting when we came home. Still adding to my pile of dish cloths. I have two in my basket that require the ends to be sewn in. I usually knit four cloths and then I have an evening where I sew the ends in. It is not my favourite task.

I was going to have a short nap this afternoon, Short yes, I didn't even get to my room. Busy afternoon kept me from my nap, but I still feel wide awake so obviously I didn't need to nap.

So that's my blog for tonight folks. Have a great evening.


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Jean said...

Yes , I know about the quilt. When you mentioned about knitting all those dish clothes , I then thought about what you said you have to get working on Eve's quilt , and I said, if you start to quilting again, then maybe I would start to quilt :) So far , I have not gone down into my sewing room. Just no interest. :( So I was egging you on , at least you did start the quilt. Keep plowing on Nan.. Hmmmmm, Canadian Tire ?? No Tires, just a variety store, right? Similar to
London Drugs. Have a great evening. Jean