a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Last night Diane picked me up and we went to Ellen's for the Pot Luck. Diane is so good she always comes for me when it id pot luck.\It was a great evening. The air was fresh, it was warm and the company was great. There were about 6 of us I think, not sure exactly how many but all were wonderful. We had lots of good food to eat . Why can't I remember just what the food was. I know I ate from all offerings. My memory is getting bad. Of course there are always dip of some sort and things to dip. Always we have a vegetable plate with a dip, that is a staple at our pot lucks.  Little quiche were also on the menu, I like thsoe little pies.
People are moving around now that summer is almost upon us . Several of the group are soon off to Europe , Britain or Arizona. I am staying home I think. 
It would be nice to go to Calgary if I can get Ray to agree. He doesn't seem to want to go round the way I do. Maybe he might want to go to Quebec. I would love to go to Louisiana but medical is always the issue in the USA.
Today has been another marvelous day here in Vancouver. Beautiful weather lately, no rain which is unusual for spring here. But I am grateful for this hiatus of fine weather.
I meant to give some of my knitted washcloths to Diana and to Ellen. So I put them in bags and then promptly forgot them. We won't get together again until July. Think I might remember LOL?

Today Ray and I just did our grocery shopping. nothing else. We even came home for lunch instead of eating out. 

Just watching the news and it is about the killing of elephants for the ivory tusks . The elephant population is sadly decreasing .I am so afraid that there will soon be no more elephants, already they are an endangered species. What is wrong with us that we have no respect for the other beautiful creatures that inhabit the earth with us. Do we really need ivory? I think not.

So this is it for tonight folks. Have a wonderful evening.

Pretty isn't it?

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