a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Today is my 84th birthday. I had a wonderful day.  Meaghan my granddaughter and her husband Lewis along with Charlotte and Orson came to visit. Charlotte was so much fun. She entertained us all with her dancing and laughing. She is a wonderful girl. Orson is still very young and just smiles all the time.I get such a great kick out of Charlotte. She is so entertaining and funny. It is so nice to have a great girl in the family

Rick and Katherine are here visiting from Calgary. They drove here . It is a good day's drive or two days if you have to rest. I am not sure how many days Rick took but I sure hope it was a two day drive.  Rick is setting us up for Netflix. I am happy about that as we watched it at his place the last time we were there and really enjoyed it. He just skedaddled out of here to go and get whatever he needs, Rick gets really excited to do things like this. So he was on his way quickly. I love his enthusiasm.

I got phone calls today from my away sons. But it was a wonderful day for me. 

I am still knitting my cloths but this latest one is in a yarn that I have never seen before. It is a red varigated yarn and is knitting up very nicely. I am thinking of finding a pattern for a sweater for the baby great grandsons. That will be fun to do.

Jim is rehearsing for a new musical in Edmonton. Rick suggested that we drive to Calgary and then fo up to Edmonton with him to see the show. I love the idea. We did that before and had a ton of fun. It won't be until June some time so there is time for cogitating about whether to go or not. I want to go but don't know if Ray wants to make the drive. Maybe we can fly!!

So that is my wonderful day. Have a great evening.

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Angie in SoCal said...

Happy Birthday - may it continue to be a great one throughout the coming year.