a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Good evening folks. A question? If I am a blogger does that make you a bloggee? 

The weather here is beautiful once again, warm , sunny, fresh. It is fabulous. I understand it is going to change tomorrow but by the way it is tonight you would never know that. I think we live in Paradise.

Not a busy day, I had a long nap this afternoon and it was a deep sleep for some reason. Then I just relaxed in my chair for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we are both going for a haircut- badly needed. I thought I had to go to Pot Luck tomorrow but realize that will be next week. I am looking forward to seeing all the potluckers since I have not been for some months. It is past time for me to begin going out again in the evening for my events. I wonder what I have to bring, Jan will call me soon about that.

I must get back to sewing. I have a quilt on the go for the new baby in Quebec, It needs to get sent before Eve becomes a woman LOL.

We got our income tax refund and it is enough for a trip. I would love to go somewhere. But then it is Ray who does the driving so it all depends on whatever he wants to do.

I found another tee top in my closet this morning, one I must have bought and forgot. How many times have I done that? Oh well my closet is a veritable store of new clothes LOL.  That I do not recall purchasing.

So that is it for today, nothing much going on.

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