a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, April 23, 2016

fish and chips

I am of English and Scottish heritage so it follows that I love fish and chips . Ray and I went to Cockney Kings for a late lunch. It is our favourite fish and chip restaurant . Ray is not supposed to have chips because they have too much potassium and can do damage to his already fragile kidneys.   But he can have fish and maybe a couple of my chips as I can have it all. Lucky me!!!
The fish and chips the are delicious. Ray knows where the best fish places are as when he was working for Albion Fisheries.

I just remembered that I had this blog to finish. I do that, write some then go away to look at something else then forget to come back. But anyway I am back again. 

We went to the casino this afternoon but did not stay long. Guess why. LOL. We did have fun today though, We did our grocery shopping, well Ray did. I stopped at the magazine rack while Ray bought the groceries. He was doing what he liked to do and so was I. A very nice young woman stopped at the magazines and we chatted about quilting for a bit and about the guild for another bit. I think she might join a guild somewhere. It is well worth it to join for numerous reasons, one of which is the fellowship of other quilters, another is seeing other's work which s usually a real treat.
I like to talk about the guild as it has been a source of pleasure to me. I was president for two years and thoroughly enjoyed that job. It does give you another view of the guild and the quilters. If you belong to a guild take a chance and run for office. You can't go wrong and if you are not happy you can quit. Not that quilters are quitters , never. 

We did not have supper since we had fish and chips  late in the afternoon, but we did have toast tonight. I like to eat toast and liver sausage. We call that my meat. No tea or coffee just water.

So the evening consists of just watching TV and laptopping. New word. I just created it LOL.

That is it for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

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Jean said...

I hope you did not have vegemite. The worst tasting stuff. Sam gagged on it.. I tried it when Adam and Tina lived in Delaware...I would have to be starving to death to eat that and after thinking about it , maybe not. :)