a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, April 24, 2016


I am tired today. Wonder why, bad sleep, not enough sleep, 
Who knows ?
So I did little today. But then it is Sunday , a day of rest. So I rested!!  However I did not nap.

Ray worked hard today getting things ready for the cleaning lady who comes tomorrow. I do not get this. Why pay a cleaning lady if you clean up first. Really , she may think you are dirty. Not going to happen here. Even if he does not clean ahead it is not dirty. Oh well we all have our idiosyncrasies. Mostly we do not recognize our own funny stuff.  I may have to put my foot down. 

I finally finished my book, it takes so long now for me to read a book. I usually read hen I go to bed but lately I fall asleep and do not get much read. So my books are piling up. I kind of lose the thread of a story if it takes me too long to read it . Oh well not much I can do about that. As you age things sure change.

But some things remain the same, for instance I found another new top in my closet today, one I did not know  I had bought. This is crazy. I sure do not need to buy any more tops. I will have to keep out of the lady's clothing department for a long time .LOL. 

Marg and I had a phone chat today and planned to go to lunch on Friday for my birthday lunch which I missed due to Being n the hospital. So we catch up, that is good.

And I am done with this blog for tonight folks Have a lovely evening. It is so nice here tonight so I know we'll have a lovely evening.

Good night.

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