a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Short blog tonight since I don't feel like writing or reporting.  It was another gorgeous day here, the same as the previous days. We did not do much so there is not much to say. 
I hope you all had a good day, we did even though it was a quiet one.
We are watching Jimmy Stewart and Katherine Hepburn in an old movie. I always though Jimmy Stewart yelled too much as his form of acting and watching this has only confirmed my opinion. I know that this style of acting was the rage long ago before method acting became the norm.   And method acting is so much better to express reality of any sort. To express emotion without yelling is an art.

I am tired tonight as it is a bit late , we are off to bed soon. As soon as this blog is finished. 

Our day was normal , we shopped for groceries and then came home for lunch for a change of pace. We sat around for the rest of the day, I computered and Ray watched TV. Then I too watched TV. See  normal. I did not even knit much. Writing is a change of pace. 

My Richard is a very fine writer and he practices his art every day. I wish I had his talents in the art of the pen. I tend to write what I call in a straight line , reporting essentially, and not the least poetic. Rick's prose is poetic and beautifully written. 

As for the other four sons they do not blog so I don't have a sense of how they write prose. 

We plan to actually cook tomorrow, make chicken noodle soup is the plan. It will be good and tasty. We bought the chicken today along with the chicken broth.

So good night friends talk to you tomorrow.

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