a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, April 22, 2016


Remember I promised rain last night for today. And I kept my promise, it did rain today. I do love the rain so I had a good day folks. Of course I do not stand outside in the rain but love it on the window pane.

Ray and I went to WalMart today where we bought a few items. We usually buy 6 tubs of margarine when we run out and we did so today.I bought Hello magazine. It had Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday featured this issue. I remember the Queen when she was just a girl. I was just a girl too many years ago. I recall how there were cut out books featuring Queen Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret Rose. They were such pretty little girls. Of course both their parents were very attractive. Their mother Elizabeth Bowes Lyon was lovely and King George was very handsome. That was in the mid 1930s. I was born in 1932 and the Queen was 6 years older than me.  I have always felt an affinity with the Queen.  Silly isn't it but that is how life goes.  I am sure my sister Margaret feels that way about Princess Margaret Rose as they have the same name. I know Marg was named after my aunt Meg but it is nice to think she was also named after the princess. 

After shopping at WM we did what we regularly do after that and went to Wendy's for hamburger and fries plus coffee and Sprite. I had the coffee and Ray the Sprite. I must say though that Sprite is very refreshing.

It is shocking and  sad news that Prince passed away so suddenly today, I wonder what happened to him. I suspect that tomorrow will tell the tale. I feel badly for his family and his many fans.

This afternoon Ray and I stayed home . I had a short lay down but not a nap. I will be tired tonight and go to sleep early.

I talked to Marg this afternoon and we planned to go for lunch soon to celebrate my birthday which I missed because of the hospital visit. 

That is all folks, have a good evening.

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