a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, April 1, 2016

beautiful day

It is another gorgeous day here in Vancouver. Ray and I went to a new mall in Richmond for a short time. At least it was new to us as we had not been there before. We did  not stay very long and came home to our warm and lovely apartment where the weather is   beautiful LOL. It is so warm and delightful in here and the sun shines in through the windows making it hot. If this keeps up we will have to get out our AC as it gets very hot in here. We expect it to get cooler at the end  of the week, at least according to the weather news. I am not too comfortable if is gets too hot.

Ray had to go up to the local mall for bread. We buy a lot of bread as we can't eat a full loaf between us and we like it fresh. No we do not put it into the fridge freezer, because we enjoy it fresh.
Then we just stayed in for the rest of the day out of the heat.

We have a so called top of the line transit system here in the city , but it is so often not working . Today it is not working . I wonder why we pay so much for things that don't work well or as they are supposed to do. Fortunately we have a car and because we do not trust the transit system we continue to drive. Not that it would be very easy for me to use the transit system given my inability to walk very well without a walker. My sister Marg uses the transit system regularly, she never complains about it but I sure would if I had to use it. Marg is more patient than I am.

That's it for me tonight folks. Enjoy this beautiful weather if you live here and if you have a lovely day wherever you live. No matter the weather, enjoy the evening.

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