a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

missed a day

I think I missed a day of blogging. Not that it is very important as there is not a lot to say.
Ray is off to the dentist for a tooth cleaning. Not fun for him. But good for his teeth. At 78 he still has all his teeth. That was the hard water in Ontario when he was a boy. 

After he gets home I am not sure what we will do, maybe stay home or go for a coffee. Two options is good.

I have to call Buzz and see if they want to go for coffee this week. Whoops next week, I am booked up for Thursday and Friday.  Two doctors on Thursday and lunch with Marg on Friday and Pot luck Friday evening at Ellen's.  

I did call Buzz and booked for next week Thursday. Wednesday they are getting a new stove, fire in the oven of the old one. Ooo that is not good.

Ray and I went out this afternoon to TIM'S for coffee and a sugar doughnut filled with jam. Rarely have that treat but just felt like it today. Then we went to London Drugs of course. Ray said no spending but I did manage to buy some grey nail polish. Unique colour,  I have not had that one before.

I see Mr. Trump has declared himself the Republican candidate. Have they taken that vote yet? I guess it is a forgone conclusion. According to TV tonight he will be selected as the Republican candidate. I see he has thrown down the gauntlet against ISIS.Talk about fascinating politics.   

Mary our granddaughter is coming to visit on Monday. I am excited to see her and the two little ones,  Rose and Quinn.
I hope Meg and Charlotte and  baby  Orson will come too. Lewis as well. We could all have a great visit. I love it when my family comes for a visit. The little ones are such fun and so are the big ones LOL.

Ray's son Jack and his wife Margo are moving from Quebec to New Brunswick where she comes from and where her family lives. That is just that much further away from us. We visit Quebec occasionally but we are just getting a bit too long in the tooth for long journeys. Ray no longer wants to drive very far anyway so it would have to be air travel. Not comfortable for us nowadays.

As for this evening I think I shall knit a bit. After all it is Wednesday. Isn't it?

That is all for tonight folks. Have a good evening.

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