a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, February 10, 2012

Delectable mountains

A lovely little basket, you can fill it with anything that pleases you, Easter eggs for the season,chocolate bunnies etc.

http://www.quilterstv.com/     There are videos of  Delectable Mountains on here. They are shown by Eleanor Burns. I know she is a love her or hate her quilter. I am on the love her side. I think she is hilarious . The first time I saw her was in Delaware and she did her trick of throwing her cut off pieces over her shoulder to the floor. I amused me a lot. I know she has help picking up and cleaning her sewing room, but still she amuses me. In one episode I saw she had invited her sister to join in and demonstrate a technique. Imagine how funny it was when I realized there were two Eleanor Burns, I loved that show. Anyway she gives good clear instructions on  how to make Delectable Mountains.
The regular set for Delectable Mountains or at least the one Eleanor Burns makes.
A different set for this pattern.

http://scrapboxquilts.blogspot.com/   This blog has a lovely table runner of DM.
Ray had a pair of jeans that had to be shortened so we went to Metrotown where there is a small shop that does sewing for people. It was a bit of a walk from where we parked the car . There was a wait so we went and had lunch. Ray walked back for the jeans but my legs didn't want to . I waited for him.
I wanted to sit at the tables where it has a   handicapped logo but there were people sitting there who were obviously able bodied. I sat at another table , the man and lady next to me were very angry at those ladies who were sitting there. I wonder what they think when they can see that there are people who should be sitting there and they don't move. My rant for today.
Then we went to the library, I picked out three books .Ray had to go for tests so I sat in the car and began to read one of my books but I fell asleep. it was by Marcia Clark one of the prosecutors in the OJ trial.
Dinner tonight was a roast in the slow cooker that I made. Getting better!!!  Very hard work LOL.

This heart quilt was made up of blocks that I received from a group I was once on, long since disbanded.  The blocks were of different sizes so a lot of up sizing needed to be done and I needed to make quite a few estra blocks to make the quilt work.
One of the hearts in the quilt. I made this one. It is paper pieced and I don't like paper piecing but loved this block so I persisted with the darn paper LOL.

Pretty pictures tonight, hope you enjoyed them. 
Time for me to go, have a great night.
Bueno notte.

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Gail in Arizona said...

Nan I get so very angry too when we need to park in a handicap space. No one thinks a thing about parking where the signs are it seems. As a result we generally end up parking in the back 80 as David calls it. Usually he has me sit and goes and gets the van and drives it to the front door and picks me up.