a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, May 1, 2015

nice block

Another beautiful  Hexagon. And in a gorgeous colour too.

A lovely start to tonight's blog.

Another slow day , well kind of slow but we did go out. We went to check out where Ray has to go on Monday for a doctor visit. Then when we got home the doctor called and gave us a different address. But we went to the White Spot for lunch. I am very fond of the White Spot. I had a Legendary Hamburger with fries and coffee. Delicious and my favourite. Ray had bacon and eggs.
We came home and spent the afternoon watching TV. I did a bit of knitting  on my socks. Ray worked on his boat.

Charlotte giving mommy attitude. Meaghan says she gets a lot of that. Great boots.

Charlotte has a mind of her own LOL.

Beautiful quilting , great colour.

A red gate, it is so vibrant. I would love to paint my front door red but the other people on this floor might not like it and Ray is dead set against it . Too bad.

Twister quilt, It is gorgeous I think. I have the template for that, Adam sent it to me. But so far I have not been making quilts lately.

Amazing tunnel in Japan all Wysteria of various varieties. I love this one.

So that is it folks. Have a lovely evening.
Good night.

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A Nudge said...

What a wonderful hexagon block and in the shape of a hexagon. Love that tunnel. Thanks for sharing!