a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, May 21, 2015

more doctors

Another day at the doctors, yes two of them. First half way down town on Broadway to see Dr. Wade for Ray. He was very nice and told Ray not to come back until late June. He just went over the tests Ray had taken. Good news my dearest is fine.

Then we had to go up Kingsway to see our regular doctors, mostly about Ray again, Then we had dinner at TOPS and both of us ordered Cabbage Rolls. They have very big servings and we brought home a full Cabbage Roll each that we will have for dinner tomorrow night. They were very tasty and filling obviously since we brought them home.

We stopped off at Safeway to pick up Ray's latest prescription. Thankfully we are now finished going to doctors for a while. Maybe we can go elsewhere for a change. 

After dinner we just came home and watched the News. Nothing special there tonight.

This adorable setup was arranged by the photographer by spiking the umbrella with peanut butter and nuts. So clever!

Many of us have seen the pattern for Yellow Brick Road using yellow fabrics, well this is the pattern using orange and blue fabrics. Not all that attractive in  my opinion.

Our sweet Charlotte doing her  letters. What a busy little girl.

Amazing quilt, I would really love to make one of these but don't have the ambition.
There that is all for tonight, have a lovely evening folks.

Good night.

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