a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, May 9, 2015

fine day

A wonderful day with Charlotte, Meaghan, Lewis and Ricky. Charlotte of course entertained us all day. I was sorry when they had to go home. 
Charlotte danced her way all day, she never stops. She has so much energy, I wish I had some of  that. But she is fun to watch and to talk to.
I find her entertaining but others get tired with her energy.

Taking my photo.....

Charlotte without the camera.

Richard enjoys the show. He had a fine time too in Victoria with Mary  and Albert as well as Rose and Quinn.  I pray his visit was wonderful.

I found a load of pictures of puppies so here they come.
On the road.

Covered in puppies...

Now that is a trunk full, I think  I can count 15 puppies.

Let's go outside.

 A barrow full of pups, what a load.

And a boxful of little dogs.

That is it  folks. Have a great evening
                         Good night.

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Harold said...

All those puppies!!!!!!