a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, May 22, 2015

the strand

Download now as a pdf pattern to make a block 6 inches

 The Strand is a nice block and shows interest too.

A beautiful day here , Ray and I went out for a while, had a coffee and scratched a lotto card. Then we just came home and watched TV and I did my laptop which always keeps me busy for along time.
I really need to catch up on my blog tonight. Oh this is what  I am doing isn't it LOL. Short blog.....

Oh well I will do some more. We did not have to go to see a doctor today,  thank goodness.  All we did was go up for bread at the bakery,  see the paragraph above for what else we did.  I had a good afternoon nap always a pleasure. 

That was our lazy day. we enjoyed doing nothing today.

Adam piping up a storm in what looks like a church  since it has pews. I wonder what that was for. I think he gets asked to do piping quite a lot since I suspect there are not too many pipers in  Louisiana.

Hexagon quilt, complicated but fascinating. 

The Spool block

Instructions above.

If you look at the sides of this block you can see a secondary block taking place.

You have a 6 sides block coming up and that makes a hexagon when placed side by side.

There that is all for tonight folks.

Have a great evening.

                        Good night.



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jean said...

It looks like Adam is playing at a wedding. I see flowers attached to side of pews.. I see no casket so it is not a funeral. :)