a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pall Mall

Download now as a pdf pattern to make a block 6 inches

 Pall Mall is the name of this block, It is a very nice block.  Ray's favourite colour, purple.

Ray had to see a rheumatology therapist today and wouldn't you know it when she moved  all his joints they did not hurt. Darn when you go to see  doctor you are just fine LOL. Ever happen to you?
But she was nice,  he sees the doctor tomorrow as a follow up. These specialists are on Broadway and it takes a while to get there and find parking.  Plus the parking is costly. 

After the appointment we went to White Spot and had dinner. An early dinner but it was all good. The waiter at our table said he was from Edmonton and that he knew Jim.  Small world isn't it?
Then we went to Safeway for a bread and a couple of other things, after which we watched TV. I am obviously writing my blog. I read my facebook looking for Richard's blog or comments. 
I called my dear friend Betty,who is nearly 90 and has all her marbles, she is such a wonderful quilter so I knew that was what she was doing. She said Ann her daughter had called Rick but was not able to get him and he called her with no luck either. I guess they will connect some time.

And that was our day, not too busy but fairly good fun.  

How would you like to find these on your porch in the morning, where did they all come from.

I found a site with cats who were in homes and not owned by the home owner. How did they all get there?

Friends on your sidewalk just resting and having a good morning.


Just try and get me out of here I dare you.

Smile for the camera boys. How do they get that moose to show his teeth? It makes me laugh.

Cat in a mixing bowl, I guess he is kind of mixed up about where his place is.

Cats don't care.

I found a whole site of cats who showed up uninvited in homes that were not their's.

Done and done, time to go. Have a lovely evening, it is beautiful here.
                           Good night.

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