a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Whoops. It appears that I forgot to write my blog last night. Maybe it was because Richard was here and I just was focused on him. Yes that's it.

We had a great visit this morning and early afternoon before Rick went to Victoria to visit Mary , Albert and the babies. He will love that visit. 
But in the meantime We had a lovely visit from our grandson Ricky who brought me a box of Purdy's Hedgehogs for Mother's Day. Delicious they are. And Ricky is so thoughtful and kind. I do love him a lot.

This tomato is called Thumbelina, can you guess why? I love it!!

I call this one very green lump , it is so funny.

Lots of photos tonight so just sit back and enjoy the humour.

Priceless ! Big dog, little dog. I love these two guys. What a great place to hide.

The question was >"Who pooped in the kitchen ?"  The answer was the big dog points to the little dog. Obviously he understood the question. LOL.

Fascinating photograph. I love faces, they are so interesting.

Amazing quilt, what a huge amount of work in this one.It is so precise.

Isn't  this table runner wonderful. I love all the greens.

Beautiful pink quilt and here below is the purple version.

Which one do you prefer? I know which one I like best.

No! No!  do not touch. But it is so tempting isn't it?

Ah yesterday Cinqo du Mayo and he is the Mayor of  Tiajuana LOL.

That's it dear friends.
  Have a lovely evening.
                            Good night.


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