a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

lost picture

I have been wandering around my computer looking at all kinds of stuff. It is fun. But now I am ready to get down to work.

My new cardigan, we went to Sears today and this lovely sweater was on sale for $14.99. I could not pass it up at that price and besides I like it. Ray of course loves purple and to him it was a great buy. Besides it looks good on my quilt.

We walked a bit around the mall for some exercise. I can't manage too much mall walking. Shopping and walking and eating shared ice cream. It was a fun day for us and we enjoyed it.  

I called Adam in  Louisiana today and we had a good talk . He is going to Scotland in July. I believe I mentioned that on the blog before. My memory is not a good as it once was but still it is not gone just resting at times LOL. 

Richard has landed somewhere along the Oregon coast. He is having a day of rest . That makes me happy. He has the good sense to take it easy when he can.

I took a photo of Peter and now I can't find it. Try again. I'm like Robert the Bruce , just keep on keeping on.

Finally I found him. It took me a long time to find him. Him is my middle son Peter who came for a visit recently, actually Mother's Day.  It was lovely to see him. I was very happy with his visit.

Ray still has a bit of a cough left over from his cold. He has never had a real cold before and it has hit him hard. Now he gets what others go through when they have a cold.

This is an adorable baby quilt, I wonder how the block is out together or what its name is. The jagged edge of the quilt is a nice touch.
That's it for tonight folks.
    Have a great evening.  Good night.


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