a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Ray bought a new jacket today, a navy blue one.   |It  is light for spring. It is washable and dryable. 
It will be easy to look after.
There he is in his new jacket looking  lovely as usual. He is a fun guy, keeps me  laughing.

Shopping was what we did today, grocery and clothing. Matthew came over early in the morning, it was so nice to see him.
I love it when the kids come over even though they are no longer kids LOL. Matthew helps Ray a lot taking him to his doctor's appointment if  he is able.

We went over to the Crossings and had coffee and muffins at Tim   Horton's.  Then we went to London Drugs to buy a four sided nail file for me to do my nails. I like to keep them in good shape. Then I polished them when we got home.

This is quite a large quilt and is way too big for this bed.

Now this is an interesting quilt.  Books, books, books. I think it may be a wall  hanging.

I have liked this block for a long time but never have made it. This quilt is so colourful and attractive.

Here is a pattern for a teapot. I think you can run it off on your printer.  Try it and let me know.

And that is all for tonight folks.
Have a lovely evening.
Good night.

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