a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, May 17, 2015

lovely day

It was a gorgeous day here and we did go out for a while. We also went shopping at Metrotown for lunch and walked around a bit.  We had a big lunch at the mall, I had a hamburger with fries.  I was still full at dinner time and so was Ray so we did not have supper,  
We didn't buy anything. We haven't bought much lately, don't need to these days.  Although I did buy the sweater the other day, not that I needed it but wanted it.  

I am sitting here watching TV , It is NCIS the regular one, the New Orleans episode is on Tuesdays. That's the one I like .  Ray says it is because it is in New Orleans and he is right. Somehow I get the feeling I am repeating myself. Oh well.

I was tired today since I had a bad sleep last night , so I had a nap later in the afternoon. 
Tonight I played around on my laptop looking for things. I like doing that. Still have my book to read when I go to bed.
Now it is time to write the blog. I am always busy doing something. That is a good thing ,  I am never bored. 

I  found this today . It is so neat, I would like to find the pattern for it. What would it be used for I wonder.

Hmm I did not finish this blog so I'll just post it anyway.

Good night.

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