a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Monday came and went and no blog. I forgot to write it, sorry.

Not much there anyway. It was another beautiful day in Vancouver and it is the same again today. We are so fortunate living here on the west coast. I recall being so happy when I was young and we would go to the beach to sun and swim. Life was a beach in those days and in the best way. I remember those days with great fondness. Ah youth!!

And here it is Tuesday. What a simple day for us, We did go out for a short time to pick up some items we needed. It was a gorgeous day, sun shining, a slight breeze and warm air. Wonderful, I love these spring days. 
We had corn on the cob and ham for dinner. I am not a fan of ham but do love corn on the cob. We had a small bit of ice cream for dessert.

I did not go to my sewing group this morning as Pat was away and so could not take me.  Next week I hope she will be here. I miss my quilting friends. I live on the far side of town so only Pat can get to me to take me quilting during the day.  On evenings I go with Kathy. 
Does she have enough fabric?

Now we are watching  The Railway Man about the WW2 and one prisoner's experience as a POW under Japanese rule. I recall many details of this that were exposed after the war. Yes I am old enough for a long memory. I was 13 when the war ended. Plenty old enough to remember how it was.  Colin Firth stars in this movie, he is so good. It is a serious movie and sad in so many ways.

It looks like I am finished for the night folks. Have a lovely evening. It is a beautiful evening here.

Good night.

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