a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, May 11, 2015


Richard is leaving in a few minutes for Calgary where he lives. I am sorry to see him go as I have enjoyed his visit. But all good things must come to an end I guess. I hope we can get together in July. For sure we will as he is coming down in July to see his newest grandchild. Meaghan is having a brother for Charlotte in July. That is also Rick's birthday month. July 21 is his birthday. 

This afternoon I did the last coat of my manicure the colour coat. This should last for two weeks.

It is now after dinner and we are watching TV, Ray is still looking for one he/we want to watch. So far nothing.

Isn't this a good way to reuse. Here we have a baby bathing table reused as a garden centre. Very clever I say.

I call this one a Bar quilt because it is all bars. I do like the colours

though yellow, blue and green.

I tried to nap today but could not for some reason. Maybe I slept too well last night. 

All the colours of the rainbow , so good.   Makes me feel happy.

I stayed in all day again today so for sure I am going out tomorrow. I get cabin fever if I stay in too many days.

The Inspector General looking out for trouble. What a sweet picture. He has a sweet face too.

Red my favourite colour. A great bargello quilt. I love the way the colours twist and turn.

Way too many stars in this quilt but at least they are separated by sashing so the eyes have a place to rest.

Gail , sitting, David on the right, Michael on the left and the lady with the white hair I do not know. Gail made all the quilts on the wall, she loved stars. When I first met her she said her name was Star. I guess it was a way for her to remain incognito.  She was a good friend to me. She and David came up here to visit on their way to Alaska and Ray, Jim and I visited her and David in Arizona on our way to Louisiana to see Adam and Lisa.

That is just about all for tonight folks. 
                    Have a great evening.
                        Good night.


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