a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, September 8, 2011

pot pourri

Charlotte eats her gnocchi. Sure looks tasty Charlotte. Mommy sprinkled veggies on the  top
 mothers can be so sneaky :))

Did you know that hoopsisters is all the rage in the quilting world. Kathy and I went to a class last year to make a small piece. It was close to Christmas I think . Mine did not get done but Kathy has done hers and a quilt as well.
  And here is her quilt, it is so pretty.

I just found some  free standing lace Schmetterling, butterfly to you and one can be downloaded as a freebie. I hope you enjoy it.
Take a look.
The nurse came later this morning but I still made my hairdresser appointment. I was a bit worried about it. So tomorrow I have a doctor's  appointment at noon and prevailed on her to make it a bit earlier. They are so busy but it is hard for me to juggle all these darned appointments. Today I found that I had put all this week's appointment in next week's page. LOL.
We went to the mall , oh yes , the mall ,and had curry and rice for lunch. AND we shared a banana split for afters. Oh my that is so bad but so pleasurable.
We walked half the mall and then my legs gave out so we had to come back home. I went to bed to let them rest. I'll be happy when this is over.
Watching the Mentalist and Patrick Janes is chained to a post in a basement. A girl has a gun on him and has threatened to kill him. Now the sloothing begins.
I have started a pair of socks but the wool is too heavy and it is just plain hard work. My dilemma is this; shall I continue or just unknit it and dispose of the yarn? I have been perseverating over this for weeks. Oh to be able to make up my mind and the other thing is one ball only made half a sock because the yarn is too heavy. There! that is my problem. I call this a problem so fascetiously when there is so much trouble everywhere.
I  have e mail friends who are very close to those fires in Texas and had to be evacuated.  I am so sad for them. There are fires up in the Kelowna area where the fires a few years ago wiped out some subdivisions. Fires in the west , floods in the east and hurricanes east and west in Mexico. What on earth is happening ? Can we blame it all on global warming?
That's my ruminations for tonight.
Have a good evening folks.


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