a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, September 18, 2011

getting ready

We had to go to the pharmacy for that dreaded cipro mag for tomorrow. Plus we bought all the liquids that I am allowed to eat tomorrow. Now we are ready to go for my surgery.  We went to MacDonald's for a big Mac and they have something new, Cinnamon treats. They were delicious .                                                                        
There I saw one of these great green cars this morning. I love the colour and if I could buy a new car I'd buy one this colour. Yesterday I saw an orange one.


Billie asked if I could have someone give updates, so I'll ask Adam to take care of that. We are expecting him shortly from Louisiana. He's coming to make sure I am going to be all right.  He is such a good man. I am fortunate,  all my men are good men and I have a good number of them.
Then men are outside adding little overhangs to the doors so the rain slides down and does not go into the walls, plus they are adding new doors. We have our new door but no overhang yet.
My embroidery machine and box of threads are now back in their place. Ain't it a shame LOL just as I am ready to sew I have to put it all away. I am hoping that it won't take too long to get better although the nurse this morning told me it would take a long time.
Another dog in a box. He was eager for attention. Nice looking boy. We watched The Dog Whisperer today all afternoon as it was a marathon. Amazing techniques that man has.
No new quilting things tonight. I have had difficulties with this blog disappearing on me and then I have to close up and sign on again.
So I am signing off LOL for the night.
Have a great evening.


Jean said...

Hi Nan,I sent you an email on the 14th telling you I saw your towels on embroidery library. Did you get my email ? Our thoughts and prayers will be with you tues. for your surgery. Like everything else you will come through like a trooper. Stay strong and Positive Mental Attitude is the KEY. Love, Jean

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Stay safe Nan, Lulu, and Mary....grin....Thanks for have someone update us.

Will miss your post so get well quick!

Billie in TX
and Billie Beth