a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, September 11, 2011

more moda


What a lovely easy quilt and it is all here as a tutorial. Don't the fabrics make the quilt? I often wish I had access to the same fabrics as those  shown in the tutorial. Another little thing: there is a short introduction on the page and it is signed Oda May. In pig latin that would be Moda. LOL. Someone has a sense of humour.

http://royllsister.blogspot.com/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Coverpro1000/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/purses_and_handbags_freeform_n_felted/?yguid=247761104
This is a long blog but has some really interesting things to look at and a tutorial as well. It is well worth perusing. Enjoy yourselves.

The nurse just left so  my antibiotic  is fresh again :))
And powerful, so strong that I went to bed and slept until 2:00. Wasting /sleeping my life away. Not long now though.
We just watched a show about divers trying to capture parasites off  whales. It was on the OASIS channel. The photographs caught in these shows are amazingly beautiful. It was mostly under the ocean and showed that even though the whale is the largest animal on earth or sea I should say, in the sea it is totally  graceful. The team of divers took over a month to capture the parasite they wanted. The whale was a female and had a calf during that time frame. Another whale, a male , stalked the mother and tried to kill the baby. It was not successful , Justice rules LOL.

Remember the Sampler Quilt -here is a an ongoing  BOM for a sampler. It looks great.

Hands across the border as Americans and Canadians congregate at the Peace Arch to commemerate the tragedy of September 11 2001.

I started to do some embroidery, just got the
stabilizer cut. I hope to get the fabric pressed and add the two pieces to the hoop. This lethargy is so bad.
The last photos from the barbecue are now available :))
Rick the 3rd  and Louis getting ready to enjoy.
Great Grandma helping out, not too successfully though. But it was fun .
That's it folks, if I sleep the day away there isn't a lot to say.
However Tomorrow is Mary's birthday. Dear Mary I hope to see you soon, have a lovely day!
Have a nice evening folks.

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Mary said...

Thanks Grandma! I miss you :D And I'm supremely jealous of the BBQ! It's too bad Dad will be in Calgary when I finally come out there. Maybe we can convince Grandpa to be grillmaster for some steaks and we can have another one :)