a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A barbecue

Cute idea for storage of your quilting tools
Instructions for Lots of things  LOL.

We had a very full day today . We drove out to Abbotsford to visit Rick and Carla. On the way to the house we stopped in Abbotsford for gas. $ 1.25 L, what a shock, a good shock though as it is $1.37 L here in Vancouver.  So of course we filled up.
We sat in the living room  for a while as the football game was on, Vancouver  vs Toronto. The Vancouver Lions won this game.
Here's the family dog Remy turning his back on the football game.LOL Maybe he is looking for more company.
Shaggy dog but he is such a love, one of the friendly dogs. See how nicely he sits. Apparently he is due for a hair cut, Remy must be part poodle as he has curly hair.
Meg , Louis and Charlotte were there too for the barbecue. Poor Charlotte was not a very happy camper. She cried nearly all the time we were there, teething problems. nothing seemed to calm her down. However she stopped crying for a bit  when Meg gave her some corn to eat.
Meg took her top off as she was also too hot and that made her cranky. It is tough to be a baby and the only way to express yourself is to cry.
Carla and Rick put together a good barecue, steak, sausage, potato salad, three bean salad gherkins and little pickled peppers. For dessert  we had a Cream Soda float and it was wonderful.
Tomorrow I'll finish off these photos, it takes a long time for each picture to show up.
Anyway it is late and I am tired.
I hope you all had a nice evening, note the past tense :))
Bon soir.

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Mary said...

Remy is a Schnoodle - half schnauzer half poodle. :)