a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

hard to get

Sometimes it is difficult to figure things out on the computer even though you have been doing things on it for s long time.
I am trying to get started embroidering on these adorable ballerina girls http://www.kreativekiwiembroidery.co.nz/ballerina
Hope this works... If not just put kreativekiwi  in your browser.
So I could not find the colour sheets and wrote to Heather for help. She was just great and sent me the required information. I tried to print them out on the printer but all I could get was the first ballerina. After a frustrating time, I said to myself, well this is not working. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Good enough for Einstein, good enough for me. So I poked around a bit and noticed a small button  on the upper left corner. Behold there they were all nine of them and I was able to get the printouts. Success, now I can get started tomorrow. I don't work well at night , always make too many mistakes so I just  don't do it.
This morning the nurse was Iris , the quilter, who had just come back from a quilting retreat. While the antibiotic was being administered we chatted quilting. She said when she gets her project finished she'll bring it over for me to see. She is also an embroidery enthusiast so we had lots to talk about. Quilters, you can find them everywhere :))
I found these ladies in Houston at the quilt show. Aren't they wonderful.

We went for our walk in the mall and a muffin and coffee. 
My school time friend from Washington called this afternoon and we made a date for tomorrow morning. It is always a pleasure to get together with her. I'll take a picture tomorrow.
Pretty isn't he. He was on Heather's window and she took his picture.
My friend Helen called today to wish me well next Tuesday when i get my surgery and she is going in the same day for knee replacement.  I hope it all goes well for her.
I did a strange thing today. I sent my grandson Ryan a e card for his birthday. I can just see his face when he gets it. He'll think his grandma is losing it. Ryan's birthday is in April Haha.

 It is little Adam's birthday today. LOL .He called me today to thank me for the money I sent down with his grandpa. It was fun to talk with him. Ryan and Adam's birthdays are on the 13th. My mind was in a fuzz :)))

I like this one and so does Charlotte. My boys all loved it too, that was so long ago, sometimes I reminisce about all my babies. SIGH!
Time to go folks.
Have a good evening.


Mary said...

You may want to re-send the card to Ryan. It came to my inbox. I think because you recently sent ME a card :)

Diana Davis said...

Love the quilted ladies. Can't imagine doing something like that tho. Always enjoy reading your blog. now to go look at the link you posted.